[Mekari Innovator Lab]

Hi, Future Innovators!

To build a successful app, coding/programming skill is not the first thing you need to master. What you need to master first is the right mindset and methods, so you can build something people want, and not just something cool. At Mekari Innovator Lab, you can learn them all in 3 days while having a chance to win 30 million!
Mekari Innovator Lab is a blend of workshop and competition for 10 selected teams of college students who want to learn how to build a successful app (no coding required!)

In 3 days, you will get:
– The knowledge and skills needed to create an app
– Valuable network for your future career
– A chance to win 30 million by pitching your best case to judges

[Who is it for?]
This workshop is open for college students from any major and university in Indonesia. Especially for aspiring founder, aspiring product manager, or tech enthusiast.

[How do I register?]
Form a team (consists of 3 people) and register yourself at https://innovatorlab.mekari.com/ before 29 Dec 2019

Ready to innovate? Don’t miss this golden opportunity and be the future innovator!

For more information, check https://innovatorlab.mekari.com/
CP : +6287727555380 (Raisa)