Todi Adiyatmo

Todi is the founder of a small WordPress agency in Yogyakarta (Tonjoo). Furthermore, he’s a WordPress enthusiast since 2012.

Endah Widyawati

Saya “ibuk-ibuk”, berlatarbelakang pendidikan sastra, tidak muda lagi, dan pencinta sejati WordPress. Sejak saya mendirikan sekolah 18 tahun lalu saya mulai mengutak-atik WordPress. Dari mulai blog, sampai kemudian mempunyai domain sendiri (http://sekolahtetum.org). Saya pernah mencoba-coba Joomla, tapi kurang suka dengan penampilannya, sehingga kembali ke WordPress lagi. Apalagi dengan adanya Divi, saya lebih bisa mengeksplorasi web sekolah saya. Saya membuat subdomain untuk program-program kelas, sehingga komunikasi dengan orang tua pun melalui website kelas. Pendaftaran murid baru, dan pelatihan saya buatkan web sendiri. Saya sudah membuat antara 15-20 website untuk kebutuhan internal sekolah. Pastinya saya membangun personal brand melalui blog pribadi (http://endah.sekolahtetum.org). Banyak orang tua yang mendaftarkan anak karena membaca blog saya.

Aldrich Christopher

Aldrich Christopher is a Webmaster Outreach Strategist at Google Asia Pacific, helping webmasters across the region to create better content and websites. As the Webmaster Outreach Lead for Indonesia, Aldrich promotes best practices and high quality web ecosystem by equipping content creators and webmasters with relevant resources and dependable support. Prior to this, Aldrich was a Community Manager for an Indonesian crowdsourcing platform, inspiring creative personnel to create impactful and meaningful content.

Niels Lange

Niels works as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic where he provides support for WordPress.com customers. Outside work he organises WordCamps and WordPress Meetups both in Europe and Asia.

After his study in computer science in Germany, he moved to the Netherlands, where he worked for several companies as a web developer and a business analyst. Since mid-2014 he’s been travelling through South-East Asia where he fights bugs between palm trees and rice fields.

Leon Stafford

Leon has a passion for low-resource computing and empowering people through open source technology.

When not reading man pages or coding in Vim, he’s helping people liberate themselves from WordPress security and performance problems.

Kat Christofer

Kat is a WordCamp Europe 2019 co-organizer and part of the WooCommerce team, writing and editing documentation for core and 150+ products. Her WordPress journey began in 2007 at WP.com, then moved to self-hosted and building eCommerce stores. A digital nomad for three years, she travels 24/7/365 and is in love with the sea but surfs badly.

Grace Villarino

Grace “met” WordPress in 2009 when dabbling with different Content Management Systems while working at a web development firm. She tried Adobe Business Catalyst, Joomla, and Drupal; but what spoke to her heart was WordPress. She taught herself how to build a website using WordPress by scouring the web for tutorials and discussions until she got her first website. Already feeling stuck working at an office, she started looking for online jobs. Luckily, she found her first online job with a flexible schedule which marked the beginning of a different kind of freedom.

Since then, she has been location-independent and making enough to actually make a living off the internet. She have been an independent contractor for almost ten years now and have worked with teams locally and remotely from different countries mostly from the US, UK, and AU and have earned a diverse IT/Web experience from project management, web development, graphic design, and online marketing for small to medium business client projects from different industries – auto sales, retail, resort, restaurant, wellness, etc.

Having the freedom and flexibility enabled her to learn and broaden her experience, give back to the community, and feel good about sharing. She has traveled overseas without having to ever need a vacation leave, volunteered in different organizations and advocacy groups, and provided her services pro-bono to non-profits.

WordPress has been instrumental for shaping her life by enabling her to make fulfilling choices.

Jeanny Haliman

Jeanny manage Google’s web & app monetization business in Indonesia. In her core work, she works with 70,000+ publishers and developers in Indonesia; helping them to grow their digital business sustainably.

Viktor Iwan

Viktor adalah salah satu Faculty Member Veltica, Google Academy. Beliau adalah pendiri dari Doxadigital, salah satu agency Google Partner yang telah berkarya sejak 2002. Sebagai pemegang sertifikat Adwords, Analytics, dan Video Advertising beliau berpengalaman dalam mengembangkan strategi pemasaran secara online maupun offline kepada beragam Industri. Dengan latar belakang sebagai programmer, beliau masih aktif dalam mengembangkan berbagai solusi web berbasis opensource.

Frans Allen

Creator of Staticaly – CEO at Marsble, Creator of Staticaly CDN, and help developer run their WordPress site with WPInter.com.

Ryan Kristo Muljono

I’m using WordPress as my platform from the beginning of my career in Digital. All my client site are created by WordPress. Would love to meet & share the experience with other WordPress user.

Shintaries Nijerinda

Hello, my name is Shintaries. I’m a WordPress user since 2012 and fans of StudioPress. Using framework is my shortcut to understand how WordPress works in seamless way. In this session, I will giving some tips and trick how to easily understand WordPress for female or beginner. Hopefully I can share my 6 years experiences with WordPress and more female will be interest using WordPress.

Matt Jaworski

“I am a professional nerd with over a decade of experience in the field of Open Source web development. Before PeepSo I was a contractor and have helped build successful businesses around the world, including USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Stepping up from the role of contractor to business owner, I became PeepSo founder and Chief Technology Officer. I strive to build beautiful, fast and functional software that empowers the users to build their own digital tribes with full autonomy and freedom often not available on the mainstream social networking media.

As a location independent digital nomad I travel almost constantly, although over the past four years I have spent most of my time in Bali, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When not in front of my laptop I usually have fun with my beautiful fiancée Olivia: traveling, riding motorbikes, trying new foods and doing (acro)yoga.”

Fachruzi Ramadhan

13 tahun di dunia programming membuat saya ingin mencoba membagikan apa yang saya ketahui, saya memulai program pertama saya “Hello World” pada tahun 2005 dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman python, saya pun banyak menggunakan wordpress untuk kebutuhan project pribadi, namun dalam 2 tahun kebelakang saya sibuk dengan pekerjaan kantor untuk mengembangkan aplikasi “Multi-Channel Selling Software for Amazon, eBay, & WooCommerce”.

Agus Muhammad

Agus is a WordPress enthusiast since 2007. WordPress is always his first choice when building a website. Agus is also an earth scientist, teacher, blogger, and internet marketer.

Adrianti R.

My name is Adrianti R. a.k.a Adrin, I’m 20 years old. I was fresh graduated from Udayana University for Informatics Engineering and now working at Web Groovin as a Junior Developer. Web Groovin is a Web Design and Digital Marketing company based in Bali. I’ve been using WordPress since 2017 but intensively since April 2018 because the company I work for also uses WordPress as the main platform for building website. I choose WordPress for development because its easy to maintain and easy for end user to use.